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Corporate Membership

When a corporation, business, or organization has to or more individuals who are eligible for membership in the Stayton Area rotary Club, the corporate membership model may be used.

One member is designated as the corporate principal. That individual is exempt from the attendance requirements.

The other member/s are designated as corporate active. These individuals have the same attendance requirement as an individual member.  All other requirements of membership remain the same for all individuals under this membership

Membership Dues will be charged in accordance with the Club’s current dues’ schedule.

The Corporate Membership Program will allow a business, corporation or company in the club’s area to become a member of the Rotary Club through the club’s established membership approval process, and to appoint up to four designees as the individuals attend club meetings, serving on projects, voting on club matters and serving as club officers and on club committees, etc.

This membership category will increase the club’s ability to attract and retain a qualified and diverse professional base within the community. It allows for flexibility and recognizes the tremendous mobility that is the norm withing the current corporate environment.


  • Approval:  A corporate entity or organization can become an eligible corporate member of the Rotary Club through an approval process established by the club.
  • Designees:   Once an entity becomes an eligible corporate member it may appoint up to three persons to be it’s designees, one of whom must be a member of the entity’s senior executive group; the others can be managerial individuals employed full time by the eligible corporation.
  • Changing Designees:  The club will determine the ability of the eligible corporation to change any of its designees so long a at all times one of them is a member of the eligible corporation’s senior executive group.
  • Inductions:  A corporate member designee will be formally inducted into the club as an established by the club.
  • Attendance:  The attendance requirements for a corporation will be the same as the club’s current requirements
  • Registration:  Each designee will be listed as an official member of the Rotary Club and will be noted in the roster that they are designees of the named corporation. 
  • Badges, Votes, Quorum and Holding Office:  Same as established by the club for all members.
  • Financial Obligations:  Will be as established by the Club for all members.
  • Conversion:  A designee of the eligible corporation, while still an employee of the eligible corporation, may convert to an individual membership of the club in a process determined by the club.  The club will establish how initiation fees, dues, and costs will be handled.  The club will also determine whether and how a designee who has been a member, upon leaving the employ of the corporation, can convert his/her membership to an individual membership.
  • Bulletin and Communication/Receipt of the Rotarian or Rotary regional magazine:  The club will decide whether each designee will receive the club’s weekly bulletin/newsletter/magazine.
  • Liability Coverage:  The corporate member designees will be included under the respective club liability insurance while participating in any approved club activities or projects.
  • Participation in Youth Activities:  Abide by all restrictions, policies, and procedures,
  • Termination:  To be determined by the club.