Supporting Youth

Info for Schools

Below are a list of initiatives we do locally to support the youth of our community. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Student of the Month for Stayton High School and Regis High School

Senior Students are presented Student of the Month awards on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at the weekly Rotary meeting: Meetings are at Santiam Golf Club/Taste of Hawaii restaurant.

Time 12:00 noon-1:00. Lunches are provided for the student, parents/family and one school staff member.  The staff member/s present information about the student.

Future First Citizen Award for Stayton High School and Regis High School:

A senior student from Stayton High School and Regis High School is selected and honored at the Stayton Sublimity Chamber of Commerce annual Community Awards event. The students are recognized for their outstanding school and community contributions, and exemplify the values and goals of Rotary.

Scholarships and Awards

Stayton Area Rotary provides approximately 8 scholarships to seniors from Stayton High School, Regis High School, Santiam High School, and Scio High School. The scholarships award excellence in academics, community service, and overall leadership and commitment to others.

Dictionaries for all Fourth Graders

Stayton Area Rotary presents a dictionary to each Fourth grader in area schools.  Members personally deliver and present the dictionaries in 11 local schools.

Opportunities for Community Service

Stayton Area Rotary provides a number of opportunities for students to perform community service and earn credit for their actions, for example, students assist in fundraising activities in our community under mentorship of members and partnering with the Boy and Girl Scouts on activities.

Students of the Month

Adam Hilton and Payton Stuckart from Regis High School in Stayton Oregon

Regis High School

Melissa Gonzalez
Allison Hammer
Peyton Stuckart
Macy Silbernagel
Marcus Hurst
Emma Hedrick
Adam Hilton
Abigail Beyer

Sarah Wolf, student of the month from Stayton High School, posing with her parents

Stayton High School

Kimberly Perez
Daniel Odenthal
Laurel Bjornstedt
Salvador Lomeli
Rori Bentz
Sarah Wolf
Omar Garcia
Avery Mannix

Future First Citizens

2023 Awarded Scholarships

Outstanding Academic Achievement

  • Scio High School—Clancey Krahn-$1000
  • Santiam Jr/Sr High School—–Reis Peterson-$1000
  • Regis St Mary High School—-Vienna Cabaneros–$1000

Student of the Year

  • Stayton High School—-Daniel Odenthal-$2000
  • Stayton High School—-Omar Garcia-$2000
  • Regis St Mary High School—Melissa Gonzalez-$2000

Peter Whitney  Scholarship for Exceptional Academics and Leadership

  • Adam Hilton—-Regis St Mary–$1000 each year for 4 years of continuous study